Riikka Virkkunen

VTT Technical Research Center

Riikka Virkkunen’s current responsibilities at VTT are the preparation of the Industrial Renewal strategy for VTT and nationally, boosting internationalization and European research (e.g. Factories of the Future, ICT, robotics) and promoting digital innovation hubs. Previously, she worked as Head of research area System Engineering, leading a hundred-twenty-experts-strong department with a significant international portfolio. Since 2017, Virkkunen is coordinating the activities of FIIF, Finnish Industrial Internet Forum, with ca. 250 member organizations of which about 200 are companies. She is also heavily involved in the Digitalizing European Industries (DEI) discussion, in European Factories of the Future Association (EFFRA) and is a member of the Factories of the Future partnership board. Virkkunen holds a PhD in computational material physics.