Laurent Marquis

Flex Hex

Laurent Marquis, Flex Hex IVS Company has joined the company upon incorporation as CEO in 2017.

He has been educated as chemical engineer in France in 1989. He has a solid experience as a technical manager since he has been working as leader for technical teams for more than 12 years and as technical director for 6 years and before joining the Flex Hex company he was CEO of the company Wavestar A/S, a company initiated by the Clausen family (the Danfoss family) for developing renewable energy from ocean waves.

Furthermore, he has successful experience with fund raising both national with Danish funds (EUDP, PSO, award 48mio.DKK) but also European with H2020 fund (award 20.7 mio.€). These funds have been used to develop new innovative technologies in the offshore renewable energy business (high efficient Power Take off, offshore installation process, control for improving energy harvesting…)